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August 2008

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A Hatful of Cherries by Felix Calvino

The Trout Opera by Matt Condon

Burnt Sunshine by Estelle Pinney

A House in Fez: Building a House in the Ancient Heart of Morocco by Suzanna Clarke

Ishmael and the Return of the Dugongs by Michael Gerard Bauer

Hatful of Cherries by Felix Calvino


Felix Calvino’s short stories are subtle and soulful, of life growing up in the villages of northern Spain under Franco, and in Australia, where the ghosts and habits of the old country have not vanished. The stories in A Hatful of Cherries first appeared in a variety of literary journals: `Detour' in Semper; `Winners and Losers' in Social Alternatives; `An Old Sheep' in Quadrant; `The Swallows' in UQ vanguard. The project was Government assisted through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.

Author Bio

FELIX CALVINO was born in Galicia, on the northwest coast of Spain and grew up on a farm. To avoid military service under General Franco, he went to England where he worked and studied English, his third language. He migrated to Australia in the late sixties, settled in Sydney and worked in the travel, restaurant and wine industries. In 1996 he moved to Melbourne and a year later, a long-held ambition for a tertiary education was fulfilled when he was admitted to the University of Melbourne. There he studied English and Spanish as components of his Bachelor of Arts degree.

August 2008 Welcome to the latest edition of Queensland Books ..