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June 3, 2011

A Hatful of Cherries

I like the title I think it fit very well with the collection. As a collection I thought it was cohesive and well thought through. The stories were nice, definitely some were very savorable. Perhaps each story needs to be rated individually though as a few of them I did not particularly enjoy. I do think they portrayed that essence of memory. That feeling of remembering an event in miniature. Perhaps my brain was a little to "attack kamikaze style" for this set though. If I were to re read them I would have preferred a lazy day at the beach or in the tub. I was reading them so crazily that I would get to the end of some of them (two pages) and go what? Wait what happened? Then I would have to re read it, and would almost harbour some kind of resentment to the piece or author for experience and anxiety of my own rushed ways. Unfair I know, and I took that into account when I rated it.

Cassandra Silva