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A Hatful of Cherries

(Read from December 08 to 19, 2011)

I have just finished ‘A Hatful of Cherries’ and loved it. Each story drew me in and I felt a connection to the characters. I felt so sad for Basilio and his wife. Really loved the ‘Ghosts on The Beach’ too. ‘Silvia’ was such a measured story, belying the strangeness of the two men sharing a mistress. Calvino's endings are really great, because he makes them astonishing, even when they are about ordinary happenings. The story about quitting smoking was painful to read, but gripping. I felt his frustration...and I have never smoked! The ‘Detour’ story has a film in it I am sure!

I also liked the way Calvino moved from stories set in Spain, to those set in Australia. It provided a rhythm that was punctuated every now and jazz! I could not read more than two stories at one time, because I liked how they stayed with me for awhile.

Kathryn Briblecombe-Fox