María Jesús Lorenzo Modia I Australia and Galicia in Transnational Narratives

May 8, 2016

Australian Studies Centre, Barcelona University

Australia and Galicia in Transnational Narrati

María Jesús Lorenzo Modia


This article analyzes the transnational features of narratives between Galicia and Australia from the year 1519 to the Present-day. Sailors like Pedro Fernandez de Quiros and Luis Váez de Torres, who reached Australia in the sixteenth century, will be considered as the starting point of a cultural dialogue still going on in today’s literature not only as regards the geography of the continent but also in the collective imagination of the country. Other connections between these countries are also established by contemporary novelists such as Peter Carey, Sally Morgan and Murray Bail, who use Galician history and places, filtered through British sources, to address Australia and its present-day characters and decolonizing conflicts. Finally, the works of other authors such as Robert Graves and Félix Calvino, who also deal with this literary dialogue in their fiction, are explored.


Australia; Galicia; Robert Graves; James McAuley; Félix Calvino; transnational fiction; diasporas.

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