So Much Smoke I Jessica Foster I Goodreads

September 26, 2017

So Much Smoke

Once again, deceptively simple prose which I imagine is not easy to pull off--fantastic writing, really! I just wish there weren't such stark polarities, severe/earthly or celestial, when it came to the women represented. But nonetheless these stories of Spain and migration to Australia are really well done. They inspire me to read more Spanish literature, to hear from those female voices--some were outlined in a lovely story, 'The Dream Girl'. There's a rhythm to Calvino's voice I've come to expect now, you know you're safe with his erudite abilities. I particularly liked 'The Hen' and the final story 'The Valley of the Butterflies'. Not sure what to rate it, too hard to settle with collections, suffice it to say it's high and I enjoy his writing, recommend it, and will keep track of his work.